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Diwali is the time when people invests their time in redoing the house beautifying the house with their limited means. This is the time when rich and poor all goes for a yearly maintenance of their house thereby making their house more livable and welcomes the new-year.

The other day I was at a village of Badlapur when I got an opportunity to speak with an octogenarian lady Mrs Kamble .She hails from a from Sangli district and settled here in Mumbai 40 years back when her husband came to work in Mumbai as mill worker. She was visiting her old day memory when they were at Sangli living in mud houses. She was sharing as how she used to over coat her walls with cow dung and mud mixture during Diwali. The reason for using cow dung is to give a bonding agent to mud which to some extent resists outside moisture as well. Those were the days when people were dependent on natural and organic products to carry on their day to day activity and was happy being like that.


Now with the industrialization we have newer technology to support our lifestyle but with that we have got other menace as a package with the modern lifestyle. We have all those chemical based paints which we use to paint our walls .But do we know there is a natural alternative to that as well? If we go to North Eastern States at Tripura, there the urban class till date uses a tree-latex called “hirakash” which gives a yellowish color to any white base and its water resistant and stops fungas to grow on that . They mix this hirakash with lime which is again a natural product with a natural binding agent to do wall painting. If someone wants to make blue color they mix indigo in various proportion with lime to get the blue shade. If they want a green shade they mix leaf pounded extract and mix with lime to get green shades. Like this they mix these various colors in various proportions to get various other shades. Only thing is we should broaden our horizon to think beyond and look for natural options for painting. 

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