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It was on news that water released into Dubai Canal in 2016 Dec. The construction of the Dh 2 Billion project is moving at a steady phase, with pedestrian bridges being built simultaneously at different locations, including a suspension bridge with a huge arch being built on the canal site. The 3.2 Km long canal is linked with the business bay canal and flown into Arabian gulf has now turned a major portion of old Dubai into an island including Bur Dubai, Al Karama, Zabeel, Oud Mehta & Al Satwa.

This canal will be a major upgrade to the marine transport in Dubai. According to RTA , marine transit modes are expected to carry more than 6 million passengers annually around the canal and man-made islands  off the cost in the next couple of years.

Now let’s introspect –

?  why it takes 2 hours for us Mumbaikars to travel 10 km at times, be it at western or central suburb of Mumbai thereby wasting the non-reversible time of our life everyday while going & returning from work?

Above Canal system of Dubai.

Image result for dirty canal in mumbai 

Canal system of Mumbai.

?  why don’t Mumbai also has a water transit system which will absorb the traffic of close to cost-line of western suburb?

Image result for dubai beach

Clean Dubai beach.

Related image

Dirty beach in Mumbai.

?  why we Mumbaikars have to struggle to find a neat and clean beach to take our family in  spite of fact that we also share a cost-line of same Arabian Sea that Dubai has?

?  why our beaches stinks and water is black?

?  why we Mumbaikar have to travel 90 km to find a waterbody for recreational activity that too in jam packed roads of Mumbai?

?  why water tourism is not promoted in Mumbai like Australia ,Gulf and Europe in Mumbai?

Image result for dubai water transport system

Dubai water transport system.

Image result for mumbai water transport system

Mumbai water transport system.

?  why water transit become another tourist attraction?


?  why in spite of being at cost-line why can’t we have a cruse stopover from Mumbai, this will not only create a source of revenue for Maharastra Govt. but also will create a big market for road, rail & air travel industry to and from Mumbai?

?  why Mumbaikar need to carry extra set of dress at work every day in rainy season and walk down the water logged streets of Mumbai ?  Why not a properly planned canal network connecting the creeks absorb the rainwater giving us Mumbaikars a healthy dignified lifestyle?

?  why people says Mumbai is the exit gateway to gulf countries from India? Why not its reversed?     

What it takes to have a better infrastructure?

  • Is it active & committed politicians?
  • Is it our transparent governance mechanism?
  • Is it our conscious citizenship?
  • Is it our proactive decision to take-up politics as a career option?

Does it have anything to do with a conscious decision of every citizen of to maintain hygiene and cleanliness and willingness to contribute towards beautification of our surrounding? It may start from our individual’s household and its surrounds, residential and commercial complexes, our roads lanes through which we pass every day. If every individual start contributing towards cleanliness then even politicians/ policymakers also will be forced to think towards that as, not to forget, they are also a part of our society. Their children also goes to the same school where our children goes, they also goes to those market and shops for their daily needs. All that is needed is a promise to our self that we will do our job right first time and every time and start thinking towards beautification and decorating our city every way possible and stopping the blame game.


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