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On of my ID clients commented:

Well, I’ve spent the last week painting, stenciling, and organizing my pantry and I have to admit…it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not because it was particularly fun to do, but because the results make life so much easier.  Seriously, if I had known how much less stressed having an organized pantry would make me feel I would have done it years ago.


So, here it is…my organized masterpiece.

Pantry organization


As a reminder as to how horribly disorganized I am, the before shot…

super messy pantry

.Now it makes me smile just to look in there.

Organized pantry

So much better, right? I’m really not a fan of cooking and rummaging around in that “before” pantry made it even worse.

So as a quick recap of the last post…

After emptying it out, painting it white, and stenciling it (by hand!), my pantry looked like this…

Stenciled Panrty

The hardest part of this makeover was taking the rack off the back of the door and finding a place for all that stuff. The rack is awesome and I’ll use it somewhere else in my house, but I plan on taking the pantry door off completely and replacing it with an old wooden screen door. I just love the idea, plus I’ve gotta show off all that beautiful organization, you know?  I plan on painting it the same color as the kitchen cabinets .


Let’s take a closer look shall we? On the top shelf we have baking supplies and a basket full of to go toddler snacks.

Pantry organization tips

Below that we have more baking supplies in Tupperware canisters (that I’ve had forever). The labels are just  cheapo scrap booking stickers from Hobby Lobby – I don’t think a dollar has ever made me feel so fancy before!
Then we have crackers and pastas. The pasta is stacked two deep – we eat a lot of pasta.

Tips to help organize your pantry

 I originally wanted pretty circular glass ones, but I could’t find any that were airtight. Plus my pantry isn’t very big and circular canisters aren’t the best use of space. I love these OXO ones though, they have a button on top that you press to take the lid off, then you press it again to seal it closed. Plus they’re stackable and the seal matches my stencil color. 

Next shelf down we have rice, beans, etc and cereals. The ‘MIX’ cereal is for me…I like my cereals mixed – the more the merrier! I used to just pull out every cereal in the morning and put a little of each in my bowl. Now the plan is to pour the cereal remnants from the other canisters onto mine so I only have to pour one cereal in the morning. A great idea, if I may say so myself.

pantry organization tips and tricks

The lowest shelf is canned goods. I found some risers at Target and they work great – now I can see everything. Next to the risers is our supply of Costco tomato bisque soup. Have ya’ll had this stuff? I don’t recommend you try it unless you never want to be able to eat another brand of tomato soup ever again. It’s that good.

Pantry organization

On the floor we have some bins (from The Container Store– the shelf baskets are from there too) that holds unopened condiments on the top and onions and potatoes on the bottom. Next to that is my old onion and potato holder which now holds tea bags for sweet tea. It wasn’t quite big enough for potatoes… plus I’m pretty sure it didn’t get enough airflow because my potatoes grew sprouts like it was their job in there.

pantry organization tips


I didn’t wan’t to waste any valuable space, so I the sides of the pantry I put little wire baskets to hold my spices and whatnot. They’re actually pencil holder drawer thingys – most normal sized ones were too long for this space so they took forever to find. Guess where I found these? Yup, The Container Store.


Use drawer organizers to store spices


I just screwed them into the wall like so…

desk organizers as pantry organizers

The other side is a little deeper so I found wider ones to hold other (ugly) stuff. These side baskets are the only reason I was able to take the rack off the back of the door, otherwise my screen door dreams might have been squandered.

pantry organization

Here is a picture so you can see how many there are…

(Gosh it’s hard to take pictures of the inside of a tiny pantry!)

Take advantage of wasted space in your pantry

That’s the grand tour! Do you love it as much as I do? I’m pretty confident that I can keep it this organized for the long haul, everything we use is in there and it all has a place. Here is a side by side before and after shot, looking at that after makes me feel so calm and happy!

Pantry organization tips and tricks


That is an updated after photo, since writing this post we have added the screen door, plank wall, and a whole bunch of other stuff. 

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