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1.Best home décor is the neat & clean décor. Clean up your living space.

Prepare your space with the intent that you’re getting it ready to entertain a potential partner. This preparation and intent conditions your subconscious to be ready for a potential partner. If your space is dirty and cluttered, it conditions your mind to think that your space is not ready for someone and gives you an excuse not to meet potentials.



2. We always forget in a hurry  to focus on the most important aspects in relationship is to listen  so while planning for home décor very minute thought full design has to be done so that the couple can spend time together while listening to each other for that an appropriate environment needs to be committed. Preferably the living room should have sound barrier so that the surround noise don't disturb & distract the place.There should be enough openness planned in the interior design so that the outside natural scenic beauty excites the couple to speak-out their heart.



3. The interior lighting for the living room and bedroom should be eye soothing ,direct light should be a avoided .If heavy light is required LED based indirect lighting can be given in the false ceiling .For reading we will suggest LED spotlight to be placed in study room or in bedroom.



4.The Kitchen should be partner friendly. In modern lifestyle both the partner is working so there should be enough counter space planned for both of them to contribute in cooking food for their partner. Basically the counter should be planned in such a way that the burner ,sink and working counter top has enough space in between that the partners can work in sync without colliding and there is an opportunity for them to care for each other. 




5. The bathroom should be designed in the concept of walk in closet style wherein the lady can spend her intimate moment while in  washroom or afterwards while choosing her choice of outfit  from the closet without having to leave that walk-in closet and having to worry about the privacy factor.



6. If option of balcony/flowerbed is there in your house you may plant various flowers which has smell like jasmine and mogra  etc which releases soothing mild fragrance in air after sunset which elevates mood.





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