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Interior design sourcing

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Confused with that large wall against the sofa where natural light is not reaching properly what to do with that? Struggling to find the right lamp shade and size, sofa fabric or dining table spread? Do you feel you need some reassurance that the new furniture you’ve put on shopping basket will work together?

You get full access to our professional decorating skills and our trade furniture and other decorating artifacts contacts plus you get to ask one of our chief designers all the burning decorating questions that keep you up at night.It’s the perfect service for clients wanting decorating advice but don’t want to hire a professional Architect paying that hefty fees neither wants to trust on that labor contractor, referred by the hardware store of your neighborhood for a design relatedconsulting.

Like your trusted friend however big or small your project is, we will analyze your situation and suggest furniture and accessory options that complement your ideas and lifestyle. myID is like a personalized shopping guide for your home, be it an artifact you liked but don’t know how to get it, but because of our domain knowledge we know it can be procured from Lamington road at Mumbai or from Chandnichawk of Delhi , or from the flee-market of Jaisalmer-- we will get it procured for you !

Interior Decorating Service

  • Fabric and wallpaper sourcing for different family member
  • Custom furniture &soft furnishings as per client’s lifestyle
  • Sourcing and purchasing furniture and décor items
  • Finding the artifacts to beautify that empty corner
  • Styling with existing furniture pieces
  • Floor plan layouts to save space yet making it functional
  • Space planning for yourlittle one to crawl over the house
  • De-cluttering and organizing the space for storage


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Each decorating process is unique and we will tailor the design process to you and your home’s needs however a good indication of how the process will run is as follows:

Interior Decor Sourcing Service

Consultation fees:

One-Hour Initial Consultation – INR 2000

Follow-Up Consultation within 30 days of1st meeting–INR 1000

Follow-Up Consultation after 30 days of 1st meeting–INR 1500

Design work priced at INR 500 per hour after initial consultation – this is always collected up front before work commences.

For onsite consulting INR 500 travel hour applies to any consults – this is always collected up front before travel commences along with consulting fees.

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